the higher crafts

she wondered
while unpicking the wool
seating in her work-chair
beside the fire

wondered if perhaps
it was herself
that was becoming unraveled
shook her head to clear the thought
and started re-balling the yarn

each evening she would settle in
to start the pattern anew
needles clacking in double time
tat-tat tat-tat tat-tat

and the shape formed rapidly
for she had skill at the craft

but no matter what variation she tried
it still was not right
lacked a certain something
some quality of warmth
or a presence
and had to be started over

she mused to herself
laughed aloud once
to think
it was rumoured
that they’d made a woman
out of simple rib

what tosh

rib is fit only for cuffs and edgings
and it takes more than an arc of gristle
to shape a body

you have to start small
fashion some mice or rabbits
tea cosies
then build your way up
to the trickier things

and when she got this pattern right
oh yes
she’d show them something
to look at

© Frank Prem, 2010

Another in this mythologically inspired series: maketh the man


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