Born to Dance

Cheltenham is near winter
the air deep-chilled
on these still mornings
when cold settles
to make breath smoke and drift
lazy in the early silence

it is quiet here
the street is sleeping
and I am alone
to see the broad-leaf dancer
on the green carpet of nature strip
beneath a lifeless tree
across the road

rising tall
four straight shoots stand
unmoving and rigid
surrounding a colleague
with an unstoppable
need to move
in the urgent vibrations
of a private rhythm

some of us are born to dance
even if we have to dance alone
in the chill silence
of a Cheltenham morning

© Frank Prem, 2001


2 thoughts on “Born to Dance

    • Terry, it surely feels like we’re leaning away from it today! Cold, mizzly rain with the promise of cold mizzly not-quite-snow.

      Best to stay inside and compose poetry!! LOL

      Cheers and thank you.



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