mad till knock-off

they’re mad today


col-en is calling me fran-kay
over and over
because he likes the sound of it

fran-kay ha-ha-ha

fran-kay ha-ha-ha


get under the shower bob

use the soap bob

wash under your arms bob

wash between your legs bob

wash your behind bob

use shampoo on your hair bob

bob will be leaving us soon
he’s moving on
to independent living


alice has stolen some money from staff
and they’re talking about it around her
as if she isn’t there
and it looks like her paranoia is rising

one said

it’s obvious
she’s agitated because she’s feeling guilty

if we just keep on at her for a while
she’ll give it back
she won’t hold out for long
when she knows that we know


the little gnome
is having an out-of-town ultra-scan
on an ulcer
in the car he bops
like a teenage fiend

inhales the music
on saturday morning video shows
and now the radio has tuned him in

go-go little gnome
just you go



she still calls me paul

I didn’t take it
the other one took it

be nice to me paul

can I have a cold coffee
and my cigarette

please paul


they’re all mad today

hurry up
knock-off-work o’clock

© Frank Prem, 2008

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