notes on hope and redemption: #12 – choice

From a series of meditations for : the Pilgrim
Back to the Pilgrim – Introduction

the infant experiences punishment
and reward

neutrality is not a part
of this experience


which would you choose

© Frank Prem, 2005

The next piece in this meditation is: locations

8 thoughts on “notes on hope and redemption: #12 – choice

  1. …I read a study about infant self calming: no parent can be attentive 100% of the time and the study was looking at what infants did. Many were very good at self calming when the parent did not respond. More difficult for infants born after pregnancy with an addictive drug and going through withdrawal, or infants who are premature, or if the stress in the pregnancy has been severe…..I have a different image of infants than punishment and reward. They can be contemplative and self calming and self comforting. Happy whatever you celebrate!

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