a stubborn piece of mind

Poem #21 from the ‘Surviving the Devil’ Bushfire Collection (unpublished)

she’s crying


down the phone

don’t wait until the smoke
is already in the house

she’s been watching the news
for a fortnight
looking at cars
that piled into each other
and burned
because the drivers couldn’t see
through the dark
while they were running

she’s been taking note
of the way towns went up
all the places people tried
to make last stands

she’s been learning
how a bushfire plan
that used to be as simple as
either go
or stay and fight
has turned into a lie
because the nature of the beast
has changed

don’t you dare
sit on your backside waiting

don’t dare
hope it’ll turn out
for the best

get in your car and drive
while the road’s still clear

and she’s wondering
what else can you do
an old man can be
such a stubborn fool

when she rings again
in the morning
he better just be alive
so she can give him
every little bit
of a damn good
piece of her mind

© Frank Prem, 2010

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8 thoughts on “a stubborn piece of mind

    • Thanks Cath. There were a lot of very poignant and very distressing stories that came out of that bushfire experience.

      I tried to grab as many as I could – it felt like a thing I had to do.




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