Evidence to the Bushfire Commission of Enquiry #8: all in the ark for awhile

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Poem #36 from the ‘Surviving the Devil’ collection (unpublished)

you have to go back to the chaos of that time
back in February

as the day got on
we realised we were in pretty big strife
because the thing was bigger and hotter
and faster and more unpredictable

it was more everything really

and we’d started to get word of big losses
in other places and around and about
whole towns

so we were head down and bum up
worried about what was going to happen next

out of the smoke came a sort of convoy
led by a horse that was held on a halter
by the woman driving a ute

in back she had a dog that was running around
like a mad thing

after that came another car
with a float and two more horses on the back

next was a vehicle that a police fellow was driving
he’d been up in a chopper trying to winch people out
but the wind got too big
so he dropped down and helped by driving the car
with whoever he could get into it

then was a couple of deer
apparently they jumped out of the bush
when the convoy went past a clearing

and a couple of koalas

and three kangaroos

and two lizards

all running with the convoy

they scattered pretty quick
when the convoy emerged from the smoke
and the flames
but it was all-in-together there
for awhile

© Frank Prem, 2010

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10 thoughts on “Evidence to the Bushfire Commission of Enquiry #8: all in the ark for awhile

  1. TBH I don’t usually read poetry but Black Saturday touched us all in different ways. I wrote several stories that possibly wont see the light of day on how that gloomy day effected us and the people around us. Everything about that day was UNPREDICTABLE!

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